Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Luther Family

I love this family so much. We have babysat for the Luthers for several years now, and they are dear friends of our family. They have so much personality, and basically they're just fun to be around! All of the girls are crazy fun, and they had plenty of poses in mind! Melanie is probably one of the most chill moms I've ever met, and I'm pretty sure everytime I babysit, we talk for at LEAST 15 minutes before I leave. And we can't leave out Ryan! He's a trooper, and such a good sport being surrounded by a bunch of active girls!

We're just friends...and friends are fun to shoot! So yeah...we had fun :)

(And please ignore the huge pictures and size differences. I can't figure out why it will only let me re size a few of them...)

Thanks for letting me come play at your house, guys!

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  1. these are so cute! a little tip about posting the photos, if you resize them the size you want them to be (mine are always 900 on the longest side) and then upload them to flickr and copy and paste the code of the photo from flickr directly to html section in your post, you'll have no problems with the sizing.